We are a family based cattery located in
Richmond, Virginia. We have beautiful Bengal
kittens for sale.  Our goal is to breed exotic
Bengal kittens with stunning rosettes, clear
coats, sharp contrast and wonderful
personalities.  All of our Bengal kittens are
hand raised and cuddled from the time they
are born.  This ensures a well socialized
leopard kitten with an extremely loving and
friendly personality. All of our Bengal cats and
kittens are treated as though they are part of
the family and our loved pets. We pride
ourselves with a clean and healthy
environment for our kittens.
We are members of TICA and all cats/kittens are TICA registered.
(The International Cat Association)
Bengals are not just pets.....they're family!
Meet Miranda-- a girl wildly in love with Bengal Cats! Miranda
discovers her fascination with these cats when she begins to help her
neighbor, Mrs. Dillard, a Bengal Cat breeder. Her love for them grows
as she cares for them and learns of their extraordinary characteristics
and unique personalities.
"A Gift from the Wild" is about a girl
captivated by Bengal cats, and the generous gift of her neighbor!
" A Gift from the Wild" is a wonderful children's book about Bengal cats.  Many colorful
photos of Bengal kittens and cats throughout the book.  See description below.  For order
information please send inquiries to
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