Mystic Creek Queens
Dam: Spotacular Heaven Can Wait
Sire: Jungle Joy Shredder of Spotacular
Spotacular Nikita of Mystic Creek
Wild Beach Josie of Mystic Creek
Sire: Kiabindhi Steady Eddy
Dam: Gogees GoGo Dancer of Wildbeach
I can't thank Melissa of Wild Beach enough for this gorgeous girl.  We can't wait to see what she produces.
Shawnee Sweet as Honey of Mystic Creek  - "Sierra"
Sire: Drinkwater Dakota
Dam: Shawnee Velvet
Leospride Hazy Shade - "Winter"
Sire: WildBeach Reggae  - "Marley"
Winter is our beautiful new Seal Lynx Point.  Many
thanks to Robin at Leospride for this amazing girl.